Product: Work Table with Backsplash & Galvanized Steel Legs & Undershelf

The Thorinox Galvanized Steel Legs & Undershelf is made of high-quality stainless steel for workstations, ensuring lasting performance in commercial settings, like restaurants, food trucks and other commercial kitchens.

Standard Features:

  • Made with 18 gauge, 430 stainless steel (top)
  • Galvanized Steel Legs and adjustable Undershelf
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stronger and welded corners
  • Hat channel on the bottom

Other Accessories:

24″ Depth & 34″ Height:

link icon for specsModels W”
DSST-2424-BK 24″
DSST-2430-BK 30″
DSST-2436-BK 36″
DSST-2448-BK 48″
DSST-2460-BK 60″
DSST-2472-BK 72″
DSST-2484-BK 84″
DSST-2496-BK 96″

30″ Depth & 34″ Height:

link icon for specsModels W”
DSST-3012-BK 12″
DSST-3015-BK 15″
DSST-3018-BK 18″
DSST-3024-BK 24″
DSST-3030-BK 30″
DSST-3036-BK 36″
DSST-3048-BK 48″
DSST-3060-BK 60″
DSST-3072-BK 72″
DSST-3084-BK 84″
DSST-3096-BK 96″

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