Founded in 2006 under the Distex umbrella, Thorinox is a Montreal-based manufacturer of Stainless steel; the versatile, strong and sleek material forged into a brand. Under the expert guidance of Michel Prevost, the founder, Thorinox as seen a successful legacy over the past 15+ years, providing a wide product lineup including essential commercial kitchen equipment, applicable to a multitude industries.

The name Thorinox was birthed from two compelling themes: First, Thor, the Norse god of thunder; an image of considerable strength, a protector often associated with light. Second, Inox, from the french word Inoxydable, a translation of “Stainless steel”. On top of being our main trade, it is synonymous with durability and resilience – our core values.


All our products are NSF certified, unless specified otherwise. All of our sinks are CSA and NSF approved

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